To Drink (sample menu)

"Nunc est bibendum"

Horace got it right back in 23 BCE: Now is the time to drink.

As Mr. Emerson says, "Give me wine to wash away the weather-stains of cares." Wine is restorative, it changes dinner into dining, it's yummy. And it's just rotten grape juice.

Then why do wine bottles have so many secrets? Speak French, Italian, German, and Afrikaans? Have time to memorize the different quality levels of Austrian wine and what exactly they mean? That's a full time job in itself!

Don't worry. We did the deciphering already, so you can just enjoy some good wine. We made our wine list to get around the secrets and just get at the juice. Pick a style that strikes your fancy, maybe Voluptuous Whites, or Velvet Glove + Iron Fist. Pick a price you are comfortable with inside that section. Explore a little knowing that everything in that category will be of the style you enjoy. And our staff are all happy to guide and suggest as well.

Sure, a bottle has lots of secrets. Who says you can't pick your wine and like it too? (Click the link below to see our current wine list.)


austin eastciders ruby red cider

karbach love street kölsch

real ale rio blanco american pale ale

austin beerworks pearl snap pilsner

circle brewing envy amber

adelbert’s hibiscus saison

live oak hefeweizen

austin beerworks fire eagle ipa

whitestone brewery boondoggle brown

adelbert’s philosophizer saison ale

real ale devil’s backbone tripel ale

independence convict hill oatmeal stout